Solvents are part of our daily lives and intensively used in many industries with a wide range of applications including extraction and cleaning purposes without any threat to environment. On the other hand used solvents (contaminated solvents) are potential hazardous wastes and should be recovered and reintroduced into the industry again.

Recycling chemicals is not only important because of the environmental reasons but also because of their economical values.

Considering that the raw material of these solvents is crude oil, one can realize how important solvent recycling is becoming.

According to the legislation Nr 25755 for “recycling of hazardous chemicals controlling chemicals” waste chemicals can only be recycled by the companies which has been authorized by The Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

SATE CHEMICAL LTD is one of a few companies in Turkey with the license NR TAR 2.R3 35005 authorizing solvent recovery.

SATE CHEMICALS’ main aim is to supply cost efficient and environmentally friendly solution for the industry and act as a solution partner.

We are serving a highly diversified customer portfolio from chemical, pharmaceutical, paint and varnish industries to automotive and printing industries.


Logistic Services with our own licensed trucks and drivers

  • On-time collection of hazardous waste from customer site

  • On-time delivery of final products

Laboratory analysis for waste recovery

  • We don’t accept any solvents without conduction a detailed laboratory analysis.

  • Our laboratory is equipped with Gas Chromatography, Karl Fisher, refractive index equipments and we can analysis all incoming and outgoing solvents.

Tall distillation with return delivery of high quality distillation products of customers own used chemicals

Non returnable waste is incinerated for energy recovery through licensed incineration companies

Our R&D facility, beside our fully equipped laboratory, equipped with one packed bed and one valve tray rectification columns and some of our researches have been supported by Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council (TUBITAK)

We recycle and refine solvents and solvent mixtures for reuse to maximize their economical values and to secure our natural resources.