SATE Chemistry provides solutions to all your chemical and engineering problems and offers cooperation on the basis of absolute confidentiality with more than 25 years of experience in chemical waste recovery and undertakes following:

  • To construct Quality, Environment and OHS integrated management system with a risk-based sustainable approach based on the satisfaction of all stakeholders and the expectations of the relevant parties,
  • To fulfil customer terms and product-related standards and conditions most effectively, to meet the expectations of our customers and to increase customer satisfaction,
  • To create a healthy and safe working environment by considering OHS hazards and managing risks,
  • To conduct periodic reviews to ensure the Quality, Environment and OHS integrated management system for remaining in line with the purpose of the establishment,
  • To take precaution to prevent injuries and health problems and environmental pollution,
  • To conduct training, internal and external communication, suggestion and complaint consideration system for continuous improvement,
  • To Convert waste generated into useful energy in the production process.